Best of Rock Farmer Records Vol.1

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 Best of Rock Farmer Records Vol.1

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Best of RFR Vol.1

150 Banjos.mp3
A-Ok (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
After Midnight.mp3
Big Sciota.mp3
Burning Heart.mp3
Cherry Picker’s Delight.mp3
Chicapin Hunting.mp3
Coming Round.mp3
Creative Lights (2014).mp3
Crow Flies (2014).mp3
Cruel Willie.mp3
Darlin’ Clementine.mp3
Desert Square Dance Medley (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Dinky’s Reel_Brenda Stubberts.mp3
Doctor Doctor.mp3
Doing My Time (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Donna Lee.mp3
Down Trotter.mp3
Duelin’ Banjos.mp3
Finally Fine.mp3
Flinner’s Flight.mp3
Gentle On My Mind (Live At The Medallion Opera House).mp3
Gentle On My Mind.mp3
Get Away Rabbit.mp3
Got My Attention (Alternate Take).mp3
Got My Attention.mp3
Holding Hand With Fire Into A-OK (Live At Chelsea Town Hall).mp3
Holding Hands With Fire (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Humors Of Tully Crine_The Moon Coin.mp3
Ice On The Pond (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
In The Pines (2014).mp3
Jerusalem Ridge (Sharon Town Hall 2016).mp3
John Hardy (West Newbury Hall 2014).mp3
Leather Britches.mp3
Minor Swing (Live At Chelsea Town Hall).mp3
Minor Swing (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
My Peruvian (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
My Peruvian.mp3

Best of RFR Vol.1 – Cont.Old Joe Clark With 8 Year Old Susana Nelson.mp3
Ones And Twos.mp3
Ophelia (Live At Chelsea Town Hall).mp3
Ophelia (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
Orange Blossom Special (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Papa’s Little Angel Child (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
Rueben’s Train.mp3
Sally Goodwin (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
Sally Goodwin Improv..mp3
Shanandoah Breakdown (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Shuckin’ The Corn (Damon Hall).mp3
Shuckin’ The Corn.mp3
Temperance (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
The ABC’s.mp3
The Cat’s Meow.mp3
The Circus & The Sea (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
The Circus And The Sea (2014).mp3
The Reason Why.mp3
The Story Into Golden Slippers.mp3
The Susquehanna Breakdown.mp3
Things In Life (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
This Country (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
This Country.mp3
This Little Heart of Mine.mp3
Tico Tico (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
Tico Tico (Live At Tunbridge Town Hall).mp3
Tuck And Roll (2015).mp3
Two Year Old Steals The Show (Live At The Medallion Opera House).mp3
Vermont Leaves.mp3
What Makes A Man.mp3
Wheel Hoss.mp3
Where The Wild River Rolls (Mtn. $ All-Stars 2016).mp3
White Freight Liner (Damon Hall 2016).mp3
White Freight Liner (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3
Worker Bee.mp3
Working On A Building (Live At Montpelier City Hall).mp3